“I truly believe that success in OET comes both from intensive attention to language skills, and designing a test strategy that is unique to each candidate’s needs.

Cameron Mclean

Director of Studies


EnglishCool Cameron

Cameron has over 20 years experience in the health sector as a social worker and manager in hospital, community and private health facilities in Australia and the United States. After moving to China to study Mandarin, Cameron discovered he had a passion for English teaching and a particular talent for helping OET candidates improve their speaking confidence rapidly. He is responsible for creating EnglishCool’s unique OET learning materials and specialises in OET test strategy. Cameron’s teaching style is highly results-driven. He works between EnglishCool’s Newtown and Chengdu training centres.


“OET is a difficult test and it demands that candidates reflect honestly on their areas of weakness, and bravely address each one. I am committed to walking this journey together with you.”


EnglishCool Dalia

Dalia is one of Australia’s most experienced English teachers. Having taught English extensively throughout Europe, she returned to Australia to focus on business English and intensive private coaching. Dalia’s experience as an English examiner and published author, gives her a unique insight into the demands of the OET reading and writing tests, and how candidates should approach them. Dalia’s teaching style is highly interactive and she focuses on identifying OET candidates’ needs so they can target their learning energy before test day.