The perfect choice if you need to improve your reading, writing,
listening and speaking skills in a hurry.Learn to master the IELTS
test format. Gain immediate confidence with our face to face

By choosing an EnglishCool IELTS Intensive Preparation course you will benefit from:

  • 2 week program
  • Face to face online tuition
  • Rapid pronunciation improvement with a qualified, native English speaking tutor
  • Strategies to help you read more efficiently, to conquer every question type
  • Learn to write faster with more confidence, avoiding common errors
  • Practice material for speaking, reading and writing

Rapid IELTS is intended for those wishing to take the test sooner rather than later. Rapid IELTS will boost yuur confidence, improve your potential
and be flexible to your particular goals. Many of our students need only consider one or two components, making the most of every session.
Requirements: An Intermediate level of English (Band 5 IELTS) will ensure you will fully benefit from our unique online course,


  • Face to face, one to one tuition.
  • Immediate feedback, suggestions and skills
  • Clear outline of the whole test
  • Proven tips and strategies
  • Enhanced vocabulary
  • Flexible,blended structure allowing in-class lessons to intermix with online Skype sessions
  • Choose the most convenient time and location for every lesson

Course Outline:

Each session is tailored to your particular goals, be it enhanced communication for speaking, essay skills in writing, or how best to spot the key
words and phrases for reading.

Things to consider:

Rapid IELTS will benefit students undertaking either the Academic or General modules of the IELTS test. This is of course your choice, however, we
do offer expert advice depending on your particular circumstances.