EnglishCool Corporate

EnglishCool Corporate


English Cool provides practical, functional tuition in a relaxed, supportive environment individually designed to suit your company’s specific requirements.

Our expert trainers have provided Corporate English language programs for multi-national and Australian
companies as well as Government sectors, Choose from our one-to-one, small group or tailor-made
programs with expert training in:

  • Written communication – Emails, letters, reports, agendas.
  • Pronunciation and Speaking – Cross-cultural communication. Idioms, every-day expressions.
  • Telephone skills – Formal and informal language, useful expressions.
  • Meeting skills – Appropriate questioning and feedback methods.
  • Presentation skills – Verbal and non-verbal communication. Asking and responding to questions.
  • Negotiation skills – Persuasive language, assertive language.
  • Effective interview skills – Responding to common/difficult questions, body language, confidence building.

Many highly skilled overseas born professionals can feel excluded and may even be overlooked for promotion or in-house advancement due to poor English communication skills. EnglishCool helps provide equal opportunities for ALL team members.

Utilise the team you have by providing effective training for development and growth within your company.

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