About Us

‘EnglishCool has established a platform of Chinese-Foreign cultural & business communication on the basis of Chinese language and English training. We have built a bridge of language, cultural, and business communication between China and the world.

As the bridge of communication, our first task is to provide the most professional and effective language training to our students. Our greatest strength is proving Mandarin language learning in and outside of China. It doesn’t matter if a student is an American expat working in China, a Korean middle school student learning Mandarin, or someone taking the jump to live in China and learn Mandarin, they can find their own tailor-made language solutions with Rainbow Concept. The colors of Rainbow Concept’s Chinese language training are shown to represent our curriculums, professional teachers, various classes and effective methods; the colors of Rainbow Concept’s services are shown to reflect our various teaching abilities, intercultural communication, and passion have attended well-known Mandarin language centers in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as some of China’s top universities for Mandarin teaching. Quite simply, Christina Liu is the best Chinese language teacher I have encountered. Christina’s lessons are highly focused around your goals. I always look forward to my lessons with Christina and I never leave her classes without practical everyday language I can use immediately in my communication with friends and colleagues. Christina knows intuitively how to pitch each lesson just at the right level so that it is both interesting and a challenge. The hardest thing about learning Chinese for me has been maintaining persistence and building confidence. Christina is an expert at keeping her students motivated – even when the going gets tough. She does this by making you feel really positive about the Chinese you already know, and by turning your mistakes in the classroom into a positive and fun learning experience. If you are interested in Chinese culture, Christina is a wealth of knowledge on the history and subtlety that sits behind Chinese characters. She has also been a great source of idiom and local dialect, which has been great for helping me impress locals and new friends. Best of all, Christina has helped me overcome several bad pronunciation habits and my fear of Chinese grammar.

I have no hesitation in giving Christina Liu the highest possible recommendation to Mandarin
language students at all levels.