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RAPID IELTS 1. Intro Task 1. General /Academic

2. Interpreting/reporting Dynamic and Static Charts/Tables/Diagrams

3. Writing Formal/Informal Letters (complaint, request, enquiry, application)

4. Feedback and Correction

1. Intro to question types

2. Multiple choice

3. True/False/Not Given

Focus: Science and Technology Language and Communication

1. Intro to listening Questions

2. Multiple choice/selection

3. Short Answer

4. Matching

5. Intro to the 3 parts of the speaking test

6. Part One: Introductory topics-yourself, home, family, job, studies, interests and hobbies

7. Tenses and Fluency

8. Coping with Nerves and Anxiety

1. Yes/No/Not given

2. Matching headings to paragraphs

3. Skimming and scanning techniques

Focus: Society and social issues.

Leisure and entertainment.

1. Intro to Task 2.

2. What the examiner is looking for

3. Practice exercises for writing Introductions, Thesis Statements for 3 types of essay (Argument, Solution and Discussion)

4. Feedback and Correction

1. Advice, Tips and Strategies for Task 2.

2. Practice exercises for writing Conclusions for 3 types of essay (Argument, Solution and Discussion)

3. Using Transitional words correctly

4. Feedback and Correction

1. Matching Information

2. Sentence Completion

3. Vocabulary and Grammar

Focus:: Travel, tourism and transport. Art and culture.

1. Table/Diagram Completion

2. Form Completion

3. Sentence Completion

Part Two:

4. Making Notes

5. Topic, Tone and Vocabulary

6. Follow-up Questions and how to respond

7. How to avoid Getting Stuck

1. Short Answer Questions

2. Classification

3. Key Words

Focus: The environment.


1. Advice, Tips and Strategies for Task 2.

2. Practice exercises for writing the Body Paragraphs (Topic Sentence, Explanation, Example and Summary)

3. Sentence Structure and practice

4. Feedback and Correction

RAPID IELTS 1. Essential Grammar

2. Logic and Reason

3. Essential vocabulary

4. Feedback and Correction

1. Table/Diagram Completion

2. Summary Completion

3. Paraphrasing

Focus: Health and fitness.

Work and business.

1. Classification

2. Summary Completion

3. Labeling a Diagram

Part Three:

4. Unfamiliar Topics

5. Making Comparisons and Stating Reasons

6. Talking Extensively and Dos and Don’ts

1. Unknown Words

2. Fact vs. Opinion

3. Advice, Strategies and Tips

Focus: The developing world. Mass Media.

1. Mistakes you MUST avoid

2. Phrases, Clause, Collocation and Punctuation to reach your band score

3. Best Time management Skills

4. Dos and Don’ts of Editing