With any English test, your first step should be to make English your first language. By that I mean, choose to live like a native English speaker.
If you are constantly using your language from your native country in terms of reading, listening and speaking especially, it leaves little room to improve your skills in English.
By starting to read on a daily basis – such as a newspaper or magazine – you will learn essential scanning skills that we as native English speakers have grown so accustomed to. You will improve your vocabulary on a daily basis and begin to see the same words repeated throughout many articles. You will also see a variety of synonyms and expressions that are invaluable for all aspects of any English language test.
Try just watching your favourite TV show, even leaving it on in the background whilst cooking or going about daily chores. Play some English music and try to sing along.
Any English is good English, but remember there are many different types, from slang to more formal vocabulary. Choose what you watch carefully and be sure it is valid for the type of test you are undertaking.
If you make little steps in the beginning you will not overwhelm yourself and tire of learning. Making the learning process fun and change it from time to time. Remember, English will dominate your lives here in Australia so make the decision today to improve it each and every day.